August 18, 2012

The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative

Hi everyone,

Several years ago my husband's grandfather passed away.  However, in the years prior he started to decline with what was later diagnosed as dementia/Alzheimer's.  This is a terrible disease.

Ami Simms, who is Founder and Executive Director of The Alzheimer's Art Quilt Initiative is trying to change things by raising money for Alzheimer's research.  Please check out her site, AAQI, to learn different ways to help.

To date, the Initiative has raised $735,000 but so much more needs to be done.

August 5, 2012

Olympic Gold

Congratulations to Sanya Richards-Ross for winning the gold medal in the Women's 400m.

We know Aaron is so proud of you and Jagnation is proud of you as well.  We can't wait to see the medal!

A Productive Weekend

It's been raining a lot here this weekend which means - sewing!

This the baby rag quilt I made for a baby shower in a couple of weeks.  She's having a girl.
I also finished all but the binding on this table runner.  I had a wild hair and wanted to do some half square triangles.  I learned a new technique, which I'll share in another post, and it was sooo easy!  Using my PKM fabric from Lakehouse.
And last, I'm taking the Hawaiian Quilting 101 class from Quilt University taught by Nancy Chong.  Ever since I returned from Hawaii earlier this year I've been wanting to make a Hawaiian Quilt.  This is a whole new process for me since I've NEVER done hand appliqué before.  So far though, the class instructions have been fabulous and I've been able to follow along easily.  It's all pin basted at the moment.  The fabric is one that I brought back from Honolulu.
Next step will be the thread basting.

Thanks for checking back.  I'm off to make dinner.

Have a great day!