September 22, 2013

Cover Colorado: News from the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum

Passing on this link from Bonnie Hunter's blog about the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum collecting quilts for the flood victims.  Winter is coming, if you can help, please do.


September 21, 2013


The commissioned baby quilt is finally finished.  I absolutely love how it turned out and I hope the new mom and dad love it as well.  I'm dropping it off tomorrow but had to get some pictures first.

Here's a full shot:
And, the back:
Thanks to my wonderful husband for holding it for me.

I'm not getting a lot done lately.  I've been battling bronchitis again, but thankfully, not as bad as last year!  The new job is going well.  I'm finally settling in and my probation is up the first of October so I'm pretty happy about that.

Had happy hour with my Jaguars peeps on Thursday.  Love these girls!

and got to celebrate my friend, Carolyn's, retirement (she's on the right, my friend, Ginny, is on the left).  So happy for her and just a little jealous.  We've been friends since we worked together back in the early '90s.  Goofy girls!
Ok, more later!


September 2, 2013

A Little Halloween

For some reason, Labor Day always triggers a Fall state of mind.  At this point, I really feel like decorating for Halloween!  This is a cute 10 minute table runner kit I bought last weekend at the retreat.  There are several sites online for making it, but it's incredibly easy (just google 10 minute table runner).

Happy Early Halloween - Oh, and Happy Labor Day!