September 25, 2011

New York - Well, Actually, New Jersey and a Quilt Show

We had a great time at the Jets game last weekend!  The fans were super nice, we had great seats, and the day couldn't have been nicer.  Unfortunately, the game was awful (for us anyway).  But we'll bounce  back. 

This is my friend, Teresa.  All of these years working together, we've never gotten to travel to the same away game.  I'm so happy we had the chance this year.  We also had a celebrity siting while we were there, Kelly Bensimon of the Real Housewives of New York.  I don't watch the show but Teresa was very excited!!

This weekend was Quilt Fest of Jacksonville.  I ran over on my lunch hour on Friday and then went back yesterday to look at all the fabulous quilts.  The quilt below won Best of Show for Hand Quilting.  The lady who won is a friend of my mother-in-law.
There were so many beautiful quilts!  Obviously, everyone else was as in awe as I was.
This quilt is the Tree of Life by Mark Sherman.  I couldn't stop looking at it.
The Blue Butterfly.  I loved how the quilter radiated the material and quilting out from the center.
Of course, you can't have a quilt show in September without a Halloween quilt.  This is Spooky Hollow made by Jean Kass.
I'm not sure what the name of this one is but the blocks were all cross-stitched.  Amazing amount of work!
Up close view of one of the blocks:
I'm off to finish breakfast.  My friends are coming in from Georgia next Thursday for our home game on Sunday.  Have a great weekend everyone!

September 22, 2011


Sorry, I said last week that Quilt Fest was Thursday through Sunday but it's actually Thursday through Saturday. 

September 17, 2011

QuiltFest Jacksonville

Next weekend is QuiltFest here in Jacksonville.  It starts Thursday and goes through Sunday.  I'm very excited because we have an away game that weekend so I will be free to roam.  If you're in the area, don't miss it!

I'm on my way out the door to catch a plane for East Rutherford, NJ for our game against the Jets tomorrow.   I'm really looking forward to some Fall weather.  It's supposed to be a high of 70 and low of 51 this weekend!  Yay!

Be back in a couple of days!  Have a great weekend.

September 10, 2011


The table topper underneath the goodies in the previous post is one I'm in the process of making as a present.

Christmas in September

As promised, here are the wonderful things Bethany sent me in our Christmas fabric swap.  I love, love, love everything!
Check out the awesomely cute box that she used to pack the buttons and Christmas ribbon!  It's all hand made!
Can't wait to use these buttons on a table runner or tree skirt.
Another shot of the buttons.
Check out the candy fabric.  Love it!

Thanks Bethany!  I had a blast on this swap and it was really great meeting you.

September 8, 2011

I'm Here!

This will be a short post since I don't have many pics to show.  I took this one last night on our way home from dinner.  The weather has been beautiful!  It was in the 60's this morning, which compared to most mornings when it's about 80 at 7:00, it feels pretty darned good.

Work has been pretty busy.  Fred Taylor, our franchise's leading rusher, retired a Jaguar on September 2nd.  He was not only popular with the fans, he was very popular with Staff.  We wish you luck Freddy T.  On another work related note, we released our starting quarterback on Tuesday.  Our first regular season game is Sunday against the Tennessee Titans and Luke McCown will be starting. 

I got my wonderful Christmas fabric from Bethany at Sweet Bee Buzzings the other day!  I'm so excited.  I'll take pictures this weekend so you can see.  I can't wait to get started on some Christmas Table Toppers!  Thanks Bethany!

Ok, that's all for now.  Talk to you soon!