March 8, 2010

Weather and Bottlenoses

We've had THE best weather the last few days.  On Saturday it was supposed to be a high of 70 so DVS and I headed down to Marineland to see what the bottlenoses were up to these days.  The last time we were there, last April, there was a baby named Aqe.  He was a very curious little fellow.  He swam by several times and then must have decided that I looked like I would make a very good plaything.

Show off - I can't stand on my tail and blow bubbles.


We also tried to get a peek at Nellie (who we are told is semi-retired).  At the wonderful age of 57 this year, she is the oldest known bottlenose.  Considering the average life span of a dolphin is 25 to 30 years, Nellie is a miracle. Wow!  

What a great day. 

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