February 13, 2012

Hawaiian Fabric

Of course you know I couldn't go to Hawaii and NOT go to a quilt store.  How silly if you thought I could.  Our cousin, Audrey, and I packed it up Wednesday morning and with the help of my trusty Quilt Store app and the internet, we set out in search of some fabric.  Surprisingly, there aren't a lot of quilt stores on Oahu. My little app said there were several but sadly, a couple of them had closed.   Our first stop was Fabric Mart.  A big warehouse like store with rows and rows of Hawaiian fabric.  Here's what I bought.  I ended up mailing it all home because it made our luggage too heavy for the return trip.  LOL!

Next stop was The Calico Cat in Honolulu.  The lady that helped me, Carol, was super nice.  She was working on one of these Sashiko panels, which I bought.

Of course you need thread!  This store was filled with all kinds of Japanese thread.  I picked two to start this panel.

And, of course, I couldn't leave Hawaii without turtle fabric.

There is a lovely legend of the turtle or Honu in Hawaii (from an article called The Struggle of the Ancients by Veronica S. Schweitzer):
"In Hawaii, legend tells about a green sea turtle, Kauila, who could change herself into a girl to watch over the children playing at Punalu'u Beach on the Big Island. When Kauila's mother dug her nest, a fresh water spring surged upward, quenching the children's thirst. Kauila is the "mythical mother" of all turtles, and perhaps of our children as well. It's also said that turtles were the guides for the first voyagers to Hawaii."

More to come!  Have a great day.

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  1. What fun and how wonderful those fabrics are. Thanks for sharing. I'm on my way to see your pictures, now. Smiles and hugs