December 17, 2010

A Little Football

I know this is a blog about quilting, etc. but I need to talk a little football and my team, the Jaguars.  They have managed to scratch and claw their way into 1st place in our division and on the way, we have had some heart stopping games at home.  This Sunday we travel to Indianapolis and the Colts to play for the division title (commence nail biting).  If we win, we're in the playoffs, if not, well, you know the story and this team certainly does as well.  We've been in these positions before when it's win or you're out.  HOWEVER, we have not been in 1st place in the division since I think, 1999 and this year feels a little different.  The boys are walking with their heads held a little higher and more smiles on their faces than I've seen in a long time.  They are gaining confidence they can win and I've seen true heart from all of them.  So, even if we don't manage to bring it home on Sunday, we can still be very proud of this young football team. 


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