December 31, 2010

New Year

I had a very wonderful birthday yesterday (yes, I'm one of those Christmas/Birthday people).  DVS took me out to lunch and then we went shopping for a new tv.  Not a big expensive one, just one we can put in our bedroom.  Best Buy had some great sales and that's where we ended up.  When we got home and I checked Facebook, I was overwhelmed by all the birthday wishes from my friends and family.  Awesome!

I haven't done any sewing the last couple of weeks.  Hopefully I'll be able to start working on that t-shirt quilt tomorrow or Sunday.

My friend from Illinois and her husband are here and they're coming over tonight to play pool and celebrate New Year's.  We've been friends since the 8th grade and I'm so happy we still get to see each other on a regular basis.  If I have any resolution this year, it would be to try and keep in touch more with friends and family.  It always seems life gets in the way, but then you realize, this is life.  I'm very blessed to have such great people in my life.

Here's a toast to all of you and I wish you a very Happy New Year and a great start to 2011!

P.S.  The great clip art came from HubPages.  Be sure to check them out!

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