April 25, 2011

New Things

I've been kind of busy lately.  Spent Saturday before last buying this for DVS:

Just in time for him to leave for his fishing trip on Sunday.  It's a 2011 Toyota Sienna.  Perfect for hauling camera equipment, lights, tripods, etc.  LOTS of room!  However, I'm most unhappy with the fact that our insurance went UP!  What the heck???  We went from a '99 Ford Expedition with 100,000 miles, to one of the safest vehicles there is.  I'm really starting to dislike my insurance agent.  It's time to start shopping around.

I've managed to sew five blocks for the Hopscotch quilt.  Woo!  (pictures to come).

On a football note, the NFL schedule came out last week and we have TWO, that's right, TWO Monday night games this year (both at home).  Awesome!!!

More later!

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