May 5, 2011

MORE New Things

Photo by Dan Van Slyke, Jr.
It's been a week of new things.  New baby chickadees and baby finches have made their appearance.  It will also be a new beginning for me.  I received a wonderful promotion last week and I will be starting my new job on June 1st.  I'm very excited, but like these new babies, a little hesitant.  With the new job comes a lot more responsibility and more than likely, more hours at work.  It's ok, I'm up for the challenge.  After all, it's still football. 

My projects have fallen by the wayside the last couple of weeks.  Too much nervous energy to settle down and sew.  Things are finally shifting back to normal so hopefully, I will be able to work on them some this weekend. 

Hope your week is great! 

P.S.  Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers out there!

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