August 7, 2011

Irish Chain Quilt

I finally finished my friend's quilt.  I hope she likes it and better yet, I hope her daughter likes it.  The pattern is from Eleanor Burns Quilt In A Day Irish Chain book.  It was very easy and very quick to put together.

Work has calmed down a bit.  I was able to be home for dinner a couple of nights last week and had the whole weekend off.  We have one more big push coming in September when we cut the roster down to 53 but I'm starting to get the hang of everything and although it will be busy, it won't be anywhere near what it was a week ago.  Everyone assures me that it will never be that bad again.  Oky doky.

I'm off to sew something so everyone have a great weekend!



  1. That is so beautiful, I love the colors, so fresh and clear. I'm glad work is calming down some for you. Hugs and smiles

  2. Thank you. I love using bright, happy colors. Wish I could do it full time. LOL!

  3. I just love your irish chain, and the back of the quilt of beautiful, great job.

    I am new to the sewing/quilting blogging, and am organizing a Christmas fabric Swap and was wondering if you would be interested in joining in on the fun, if so, you can read about it here at, Paula's Crafty Boutique.
    Happy quilting