August 23, 2011

That Time of Year

Yep, that's Hurricane Irene.  We haven't had a big storm hit Florida in a couple of years and hopefully, this one will pass us by.  It's pretty darn big.  As my husband calls it "another one of those bigger than Florida type storms". 

On another note, I can't believe there was an earthquake in Virginia today!  My niece said things were shaking, falling off desks and cracks were forming on the walls.  Yikes!!!  Happily, everyone is ok and safe. 

It's been pretty quiet on the sewing front.  I hemmed some curtains for a friend at work on Sunday and worked on my Christmas Table Topper but that's about it.  It was nice to get back to sewing, though.  I've been so busy at work I was afraid I'd never feel like sewing again.  Thank goodness things are slowing down and I could spend most of the day in my sewing room. 

Ok, I'm off to see what else is going to happen today.  Have a great day guys!

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