December 24, 2011

Attitude Adjustment and a Merry Christmas

First, Merry Christmas everyone!  My holiday has been very quiet and peaceful.  I have to say I'm feeling much, much better since my last blog post.  It's amazing what a couple of days off and sewing will do for your psyche.  Since I finally had time for myself, what did I do?  I went to the quilt store of course!  While I was cruising through, I found this wonderful tool.  If you ever want a quick gift, this pattern called Lil' Twister is the answer!

I literally put this together in a couple of days.  You sew 24 5" charm squares together and add a 3" border.  You then cut it apart using the tool in the pattern.  I used the one for 5" charm squares but they make one for 10" squares as well.  The small one is about the size of a small table topper or large doll quilt.

This is what I started with (I used Dilly Dally by Me and My Sister Designs):

Using the tool to cut them apart:

After the cutting and putting it back together - awesome pinwheels!

It turned out so cute, I might have to make a couple.  I still need to sew them together but you get the picture.  :-)

I hope everyone has a very safe and happy Christmas and New Year.

Talk to you soon,


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