January 8, 2012

An Entire Weekend!

Can you believe it?  I actually had an entire weekend off.  It's been so long since that's happened.  DVS and I headed down to Daytona Beach on Saturday for the Grand-Am Roar Before the Rolex.  This is 3 days of practice for the drivers and crews.  However, it was even more fun than going to the Rolex 24.   Since it was just practice, the drivers and crews were pretty relaxed and very happy to talk to people, take pictures, and sign autographs.

Boris Said
Graham Rahal (big fan of his dad, Bobby)
Dario Franchitti

How about this guy?  For those of you that remember AC/DC, that's lead singer, Brian Johnson -
and, oh, the guy on the right in this pic?  Patrick Dempsey!  Very, very cool!

Scott Pruett and Memo Rojas
We also enjoy watching our local dealership, Brumos, run it's car.  They won the championship last year. Yay Brumos!

Patrick Dempsey's Team Car
Target Chip Gnassi Cars
Oh! I also started my friend's baby quilt and I've actually made great progress.  Pictures to come.

Talk to you soon!


All Photos by Dan Van Slyke, Jr.

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