September 9, 2012

September Already?

I could have sworn we were just starting August.  I looked up today and suddenly, it's September.

These past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of cuts and signings.  We had to cut the roster to 53 and then re-sign 8 to the practice squad.

This weekend, I'm finally able to do a little sewing.  I learned this technique from Quilting Quickly II on  Using all Jelly Rolls, you sew a strip set with a dark, a light, and a dark (in my case I used white).  Then, on the second strip set sew a white, a light, and another white.

After sewing your two strip sets, put them right sides together and sew 1/4" down each of the long sides.

At this point, you cut.  Line up your 45 degree line on your ruler with the stitch line and trim off the edge.

You're now ready to cut your triangles.  Move your ruler to the bottom stitch line and line up your 45 degree line to this stitch line and cut.

Continue cutting, alternating top and bottom stitch lines.  And when you open it up to press, voila:

Now play:

I think this will be a cute throw when it's done.  Lots of choices and you get a different look depending on how you turn pieces.  

Ok, time to go watch my team play.  More later!


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