February 25, 2010

Birdo the Parakeet

This week has been very trying.  We've been nursing our sick parakeet, Birdo.  He has gout of all things and had a flare up this week.  He's been on medicine twice a day for two years.  Every now and then he gets sick but so far we've been really lucky to have him for the last couple of years. 

Birdo is 11 and we've had him since he was six weeks old.  He's pretty much the boss of the house.  When he wants something he chirps very nicely, when we ignore him, his chirps get a little more insistent and if we haven't done what he wants by THEN he starts yelling at the top of those tiny lungs.  You better be moving by that time.  LOL! 

My husband likes to think HE'S the boss of the house, but Birdo lets him know otherwise. 

Anyway, he was starting to look and feel better last night so we're breathing a little sigh of relief.


  1. I'm glad Birdo is feeling better. How on earth did you discover he had gout of all things??? Smiles, Sue

  2. He started to get lame 2 years ago. He was fluffing up and not putting any weight on his one leg. We took him to our bird vet that night. He almost didn't make it. His uric acid levels were so high they thought he wouldn't survive the night. Well, he's one tough little figher. We have him on allopurinol to keep the levels down.