January 22, 2011

T-Shirt Quilt

Ok, where did I leave off?  I think in my last post for this quilt I had ironed the fusible to the backs of the fronts of the shirts.

Next, with my 16-1/2 inch ruler (remember I had measured the designs to find the largest size), I center it on the design and using wash away marker, I draw around the ruler.

This gives me a guide for cutting.  I'm sure there are other ways but this works for me.  Cut on the drawn lines.  The shirts will look like this:

At this point, I lay them out in the order I'm going to sew them.  This was easy because the client had laid them out before he sent them to me and took a picture of the order he wanted.  Here is another angle.

I'm now ready to sew the sashing.  For that I'm using the Moda Jelly Roll in Bella Solid in basic red.  Because they're already precut in 2-1/2 inch strips, it saves me time and it's the perfect red for an Atlanta Falcons quilt.  I will have pictures of that tomorrow.

On a totally different subject, I'm in the process of rearranging my sewing room.  DVS and I bought 2 shelving units and all new clear tubs.  It's quite the mess right now, but I had to take "before" pictures.

I'll have more later.  Have a Happy Saturday!

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