January 30, 2011

A Sunburn in January

Yes, you read that right.  I have an actual sunburn.  We went to Daytona yesterday for the Rolex 24 race and it was a beautiful, beautiful day.  We had pit credentials and spent most of our time inside the infield and pit area.  My husband and I love racing.  Mostly, Indy Car, World Rally, Formula 1 and Grand Am.  So it was pretty exciting to see our favorite drivers up close and personal.  Here is one of my personal favorites just driving around in a golf cart, Dario Franchitti. 

He even pulled over and signed autographs.  Classy.

His boss was out as well.  Chip Gnassi, owner of the Target and Telmex teams.
We were then able to watch the player introductions and see the newly paved track at Daytona.  This is the start/finish line and it's VERY steep.
Everyone was having a great day and a stranger decided to get in on the fun of our picture.  I have NO idea who this guy was but we were all laughing.
And another favorite, Scott Pruett, being introduced.

I'm always amazed that these drivers can sign autographs, talk to people, and be gracious to anyone and everyone who speaks to them ONE HOUR BEFORE THEY GET IN A CAR.  In a sport, where they put their lives in danger, they really know how to treat their fans. 

I'll post pictures later today on the t-shirt quilt.  I'm sewing the sashing, so I'll be showing you that.

(All photos taken by Dan Van Slyke, Jr.)

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